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Starting out, all I can do is follow my heart. This is where it lead me... To a place where I can freely EXPRESS how I feel and where I am heading. This is my life.


released June 21, 2010

Written & Produced by Maximillian A Munguia.
Mastered by Alexander Bacani.



all rights reserved


{{ M X I M L N }} Los Angeles, California

I Love what I do.
Why do anything else?

UPDATE: I'm currently moving music as JamMasterMax. Look me up!

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Track Name: The MAXX
Fuck it / and that’s exactly what I told ‘em

This is who I am
This is what I do
I’ll never change for you
This is from my heart and soul
The past is done
My life has just begun
Best believe I’m gonna have my fun
Livin’ it up to the maximum

First of all, M A X
Doin’ what I do best
Livin’ to the fullest
If you can feel me, let me hear you shout
I’ma keep on getting higher ‘til I hit the clouds
Can’t nothing stop me
My dreams are all that I see
I know, haters gonna hate
There’s only one thing I got to say

Love (x5)
All you need is love / love
If you’re looking for me (look up)
In the sky is where I’ll be
Shining bright for you
And everybody in the 562


See I’m too cool / for school
I should start my own class
First rule: fuck all them tests and papers
Everybody take out your erasers
Forget everything that you heard from the haters
It’s all a big blur, what you talkin’ bout sir
Hell naw, I won’t listen to you
You see, I do what I want to
Try to tell me otherwise it won’t do
Nothin’ / I ain’t budgin’
Not even when the big bad wolf
Comes through my door with his huffin’ and puffin’
We got one life to live / I’ma live my life
So do your thing / stand up tall / and tell ‘em


‘Kay, this one’s for free
So you better get used to be
Because I’m here to stay
And I’m never ever ever gonna go away
And if they don’t know
You better let ‘em know
Track Name: Child's Play
If you know the name of this song
Let ‘em know, would you kindly
If you know the words to this song
Won’t you sing along with me
Yeah, um / uh
This ain’t some hardcore gangsta sway
But believe me when I say, you gon’ like it anyway
Open your heart to the back in the day
Because there ain’t nothin’ wrong
With a lil’ child’s play

I’m still a kid / I’ll never grow up
I may get big / bang theory blow up
Just let me live / My own life my way
I swear I’ll make it / simple as child’s play

Jump, jump / spread your wings and
Jump, jump / and you’ll fly
Higher and higher and higher with
Higher and higher and higher we’ll be

Never worried ‘bout what to do next
Wasn’t always thinking ‘bout who I want to to sex
I was just a kid, chillin, playin in the sand
‘Til my world turned cold, forced me to be a man
Now I’m doing what I can
To survive in this hive that we call life
Always busy as a bee through the day and night
All I want to do is celebrate my birthday right
That’s all I really want / That’s all I really need
That’s all I really have / That’s all I really see
I ain’t ever giving up on my dreams
It’s always gonna be for my family
I know they think I’ma gonna stray but
I ain’t ever ever ever going away so
I may do what I may
But I’ma be right here at the end of the day

I’ll never forget where I came from
I’ll never forget ‘bout my dad and mom
I’ll never regret the things that I’ve done
Because I’m here now / watch me have my fun


The world today won’t turn my way
But that’s just how I feel
I’m searching for good fortune
So of course I spin the wheel
Embark with me on my journey
To find my fantasies
I will not stop until I’ve crossed
All seven of the seas
I’ll rise above to find my love
And never let it go
The glory is the story
I will tell wen I am old
Although I’m young I know the fun
Will never ever end
As long as I stay true to me
And all my real friends

I’ve got my own / I’ve got my home
I’ve got my whole life / I keep my head high
Nothing to prove / won’t explain nothing to you
They can’t understand my brain
They just think I’m playin’ games, ‘cause



Trust in me / trust in we
Trust in child’s play / trust everything will be okay
Whoa / yeah
And that’s about it (x2)
Track Name: Dream Catcher
When the sun goes down
Go ahead and dim the lights
Everybody getting pumped for that party tonight
But not me, that ain’t where I want to be
Honestly you do not see me
I go through problems you will not believe
And I got issues you cannot percieve
So I won’t follow you to catastrophe
I’ll just wait, close my eyes, and await my dream

Now that I’m asleep, everything’s according to me
In my dreams it all seems money just ain’t a thing
I can marry the most beautiful woman I ever seen
I can have a million kids and still be just seventeen
Yeah, my favorite part of the day
Every single night I love to fly away
Soaring higher and higher and higher
Never wanna come down
‘Til I hear them call my name
Now my heart beat quicker, as I fall even deeper

No, I begin to lose control
And then I lose control
No more, no more
I look my fears straight in the face and tell ‘em
You need to get the fuck out of my space
I’m not scared of you, just leave me alone (x2)

Cold sweat, two tears / my fears are clear
‘Cause I’m back to reality / before another casualty
Keep it in your fantasy / see how real I can be
Yeah, just hold it down / Nothing lost then nothing found
It’s two A.M. / nowhere to go
Except back to the place where my brain can flow
Into the sky, where I’ll stay this time
I hope it’s fine, in a hopeless mind

And it seems okay, don’t be afraid
Just take me back to place I’ll stay for the rest of my days
In my head, it was said
That the water would be red, and the children would be sad
Not now / not here (x2)
Until I here it again
Track Name: Do You
Now I don’t know ‘bout you, baby
And I don’t know ‘bout them, baby
But I got my own thing, baby
Yeah I got my own thing, baby
So you should get your own, baby
Why don’t you just get your own, baby
Don’t be trippin’ over mine, baby
Said don’t be trippin’ all on mine, baby

‘Cause, this is how I do, and this is how I do
I’ma do my do, so watch me do my do
You see I do it big, you know I do it big
You see me doin’ mine, I’m only doin’ mine
Yeah this is how I do, man this is how I do
Oh I’ma do my do, so watch me do my do
You see I do it right, you know I do it tight
You see me doin’ mine, I’m only doin’ mine
Now watch me do my do

Man, it’s the same old thing
They ask me what the hell am I thinking
It doesn’t really matter much to me
I couldn’t care less what they think ‘bout me
They ask me: now why you speak like this?
And why you dress like that?
And why you sag your pants?
And why you tip your hat?
Now what you wanna know?
Who do you think you is?
Because I fuckin’ can / now what the problem is
I got my tinted shades, my shiny watch
I got my pants down low, won’t tone it down a notch
I got my mama stressed, my ladies all impressed
The haters can’t say jack, ‘cause they be jockin’ how I dress!
Now I won’t be what you want me to be
You see I’m free, you see I’m me
M A X, who I want to be


And if you don’t like it, baby
I said if you don’t like it, baby
Well you can go ahead and leave, girl
Said you can turn around and leave, girl
To all the homies doin’ your thing
Go on and keep on doing your thing
And if the haters talkin’ bout you
You must be doing something right
Just do your do
Track Name: I Know I Can
Okay, okay, okay, let’s go!
Now have you ever had a dream
You know the way it makes you feel
But when you let ‘em know
They tell your ass to get real
What some poor support to give
Guess they all forgot what it means to live
To follow your heart, and chase your dreams
I’d rather reach for the stars, than live life on my knees
So I’ma be what I want to be
And I’ma live a better life
According to me

I know I think I can (x2)
You know I think I can, baby
I know I think I can / you know what?
I know I know I can
You know I know I can
I know I know I can

I can see it know:
M A X shining right over there
In front of forty-billion people with they’re hands in the air
They drove a million miles just to hear me say: yeah
And then they keep coming back
‘Cause they love my CD
And every single day they watch me on Max TV
And go on Youtube with a million views of
A single video where I smile all cute
Because all the ladies love me
They just love to hear me talk
And they just love to watch me walk
And they just love it how I rock
And after every single show
Even though she is really tipsy
I do treat her like a lady as she jump in my mercedes
Take a deep breath as I dive into the water
Of the billion dollar beach that I had just bought just for my brother
I ain’t even got a brother, he is just like every other
Who has asked me for some money, so I gave him more than plenty
Oh yeah, and it’s up to me
Everything I ever wanted, man / I got three
The lady from the bank don’t even need ID
She just handed me my check, say infinity
And I’m livin’ it good
To the M A X, wouldn’t stop if I could
I’ma keep on going when I pass Hollywood
Doing what I want, man / like I should


But on the real though
It ain’t about the cash / it ain’t about the ass
It’s not about the fame and moving up a higher class
It’s all about the effect I have on this world
And if I can make a change, maybe I can get the girl in the end
Don’t matter much to me
As long as I got love and my family
Then I’ma keep on riding like this ride is free
You wanna ride along? Stick with me
I’m on a magic carpet ride / watch me fly
I ain’t comin’ down until I got mine
The cave of wonders is open wide
So let us jump inside
I know I know I can
You know you know you can
So what you doing, man?
Everything’s going as planned
I swear to you, if you just believe
Then I know you will see
You know this, man
Track Name: While She Said
She went away for a while
Some reason I couldn’t smile
I never thought she could affect me like this
But I guess there was something I missed
Then I saw her again / and I knew it right then
That I wanted to be more than friends
So I told her, and here’s what I said
Whoa, feel how my heart beats / for you, baby
You know I want you
If you want me, just let me know
Baby, it’s always been you
I couldn’t see it, but now I know
You know she said she wants me
But it’s too late, she’s got to go

Now she’s leaving for a while

Back in the day, used to kick it all the time
How was I supposed to know she would leave me behind
So now I just tell myself, if only I could rewind
I wouldn’t have waited so long
To make her all mine
So before she left
I gave her something she won’t ever soon forget
The thing that she make pound up inside my chest
My heart, my heart, and my soul
Forever bound to hers
Connections that we got ain’t described in words
The feelings that she give I can’t get from herbs
So high (x2) / in love (x4)
With her (x2) / just her, only
But ever since she’s been gone
I ain’t been feeling so strong
It’s getting hard to go on / solo

Now she’s been gone for a while

And then I saw her again
And I knew it right then
That she looked even more beautiful
Than the last time that I saw her
Baby, come with me
You know I picked up the keys
To do whatever you please

Now she was gone for a while
But it was only a while
You know she makes me smile
Track Name: FriEnds
Yeah, and it go a lil’ something like
La la la la (x4) / they told me

We are your friends
We’ll stick around ‘til the end
We are your friends
You’ll never be alone again
Well they lied (x3)

Hey, but I ain’t mad
What am I supposed to do?
Sit here sad
Yeah right, I’ma keep it glad
Doin’ what I do just like I planned
They ain’t ever gonna bring me down
If they don’t wanna kick it / man, fuck this town
I’m on my way to Los Angeles
The place where the lights shine brighter than this
La la la la (x4)

Hey, look at this kid, check what he did
Make a mess big, spread it out quick
Cookin’ up quick, takes notes
Sit in the front of the class
‘Cause Mister Max goes way too fast
Kiss on my ass as I flash past / out of track
Little outcast with a swagger on blast
How you like that?
What you thinkin’ flap-jack
When you rip it like Max, you can come around back
M A X is more than good
Even Tony told me that if he would he would
Be me / but it ain’t that easy
To make it like G R E A T
You need a mic check that’ll make ‘em flip
Just like a on two three-sixtys
The rest is up to / your sound
Verses pounded out on
Another late night with a pencil, write
Take your top off, get your pops hot / party rock
‘Til the moon drop, freaky chickies don’t stop
When I hit top, they gon’ be like “wussup”
Sayin’ the same shit, but I’ll be like “what?”

La la la la (x4)
I don’t need you / I got my thing
I’m on my grind / wussup with you?


Oh, is that so? Well you ought’a know
I don’t need you / I got my thing
I’m on my grind / wussup with you?
La la la la (x4)